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Modern Family

In a future decade, I am going to direct movies, 

and maybe television,  I've known it since I was a wee child in the sticks of the pastures of Texas, so I put some of that into my family shoots. Old Hollywood, Wes Anderson films, John Hughes films, I had the pleasure of being a teenager in the 80's, inspire me. I have only begun to tap into the stylized shoot in my mind, so bring your ideas hither and let me get something out of all these episodes of TV I'm binging watching. HA!

Aidan, Tara, Hal and Halle
Faith Amy and Emma
Tonya and Faith
Izzy Ranee and Ema
Little Rascals
Rachael and girls
The King Family
The Mecher family
Deters Fam
Cori and Tyson
Timber, Che, and Catherine
Deters girls
Greyson and Baillie
Ady and Emma
Chrissy, Emma and Adrian
Annalise, Shepard and Jacob
Hulsey Family
The King Family
Cori and Tyson
The Family Derr
The Family Byrd
Baillie and Grandpa JT
Those wacky Byrds
Abbey Road
Fabulous Nahay Family
Baillie and Greyson
The Piper-Osbourne Clan
Masters Mad Men shoot
The Holt girls
Suzanne and Matt
The Moss Fam
Dad and Me
Toddler time with the Garcia's
Mini Nahay
The Family Wilkerson
A bunch of crazy kids
A mini DeLozier
The Family Garcia
Schutz Girls
The Family Cochran
Those silly Wilkersons
Mini Spences
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