Giving Back

Nine years ago in September, we adopted two of our daughters, Mariama and Grace, from West Africa.  Shawn, Holly and I became a family of five. We had some help along the way from Showhope, Starbucks, and others, for that we will be eternally grateful.


My love for animals  and working with kids has been at the heart of my life since I can remember, as an actor, in teaching, photography and writing. For the 2017-2018 year I have chosen three organizations that I think are wonderful. I will be giving 10 percent of your purchases to your choice, or another you have a passion for, I will honor that organization.


Operation Smile $210 is the total cost to save a child's smile through this amazing foundation. After your ordering session,  you may choose Operation Smile and Robin Dodd Photography donates 10 percent. Congrats! You've just saved a smile!


Showhope  Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman have given so much to families all over the U.S. They lost their sweet daughter the year we received our grant from them to go get our girls in Ghana.  10 percent will go directly to Maria's Big House of Hope in China if you choose them in your family's name.


Animal Rescue Corp

A couple Halloween's ago, some some friends and I rescued a severely neglected sweet staffy.. We fostered her for three weeks and fell in love, she become the 9th Dodd, along with our Frenchie Pug Carlos Santana, our good girl Daisy, who passed away at 14 in July, and Amy the wonder tabby kitty.  Ms Idgie Threadgood Dodd has pushed me to become more involved in animal rescue and a great group like Animal Corp brings me hope.  10 percent will be donated directly through Robin Dodd Photography and your family's name if you choose this group.





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