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F.A.Q. Pricing and Booking your Session



I am a full service boutique studio and specialize in Fine Art portraiture for children, contemporary fashion portraits for women, and senior portraits. Personal Branding and transformation is also a passion of mine.



It is absolutely possible to shoot year round in Cincinnati, especially if you're choosing a clean and classic studio look, you won't have to worry about the weather.  Snow pictures can be really incredible!  It's always best to shoot in the early morning or just before dusk, the golden hour for that amazing natural light if shooting outdoors.



I shoot most of the time in natural or studio light near Wyoming, OH in Mill Street Studios or in Spring Grove Studios near downtown. 

Cincinnati has amazing urban areas with some of the best architecture I've ever seen, as well as rolling fields, beautiful barns and gorgeous parks.  



Please give me a call at 513-429-0011. Book your session in Cincinnati year round.  I am in Texas once a year in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and most always shoot in the downtown area. Dream shoots are on the list and no destination is out of the question!


Because we have to put women back in the story. We've all done it. Taken hundreds and hundreds of photos, yet we leave ourselves out. Every woman needs to remember she is beautiful. Inside and out.  Why should only celebs get the Vanity Fair style  photos? Let me take the most gorgeous photo you've ever seen of yourself.




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