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Stationary Tumbleweed.

When I decided to create a podcast on motherhood and all the things that go with it, it was because of something in my own life that I was questioning. We don't lose sight of the complicated relationships we carry with our mothers, as a mother, or watching someone else mother. It's ongoing and permanently visceral. We are creating a space to let people in on our story, even for a little bit. My Emily, my honorary niece, referred to herself as a tumbleweed on a recent episode of The Dodd Life, another podcast I host that chronicles our immediate family and the friends and family who walk among us. A tumbleweed has freedom and a purpose. It's going places and you watch it fly past and it appears directionless, but is it? Being this type of person myself, I love the unapologetic way she plows forward, not without flaws, not without stickers, not without dust, but changing shapes as she tumbles, looking for the next piece of earth on which to land.

Mother May I is available here.

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